How to identify MPP tube and PE tube? What’s the difference?

MPP power pipe is also called (MPP power cable protection pipe, MPP cable protection pipe), divided into excavation type and trenchless type. MPP trenchless power pipe is also called MPP jacking pipe or drag pipe.

HDPE pipe fitting suppliers remind you of MPP power pipe application scope:

1, MPP power pipe can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and additional pipeline projects.

2, MPP power pipe urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling power pipe drainage project, and open excavation power pipe drainage project.

3. MPP power pipe urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling sewage drainage pipe project. Industrial wastewater discharge project.


1, MPP power tube has excellent electrical insulation.

2. MPP power pipe has elevated thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.

3, MPP power pipe tensile, compressive performance is higher than HDPE.

4, MPP power pipe light weight, smooth, tiny friction resistance, hot fusion welding butt.

5, MPP power pipe long-term use temperature of 5 ~ 70℃.

MPP pipe construction Instructions

1) It is strictly prohibited to throw, hit, scratch or expose MPP power pipes during transportation and construction.

2) When MPP power pipe is hot melted, the two pipe axes should be aligned and the end cutting should be vertical and flat.

3) MPP power pipe processing temperature, time, pressure, according to the climate conditions shall be adjusted accordingly.

4) The minimum bending radius of MPP power pipe shall be ≥75 pipe outer diameter.

PE pipe
PE resin, is made of monomer ethylene polymerization, due to different polymerization conditions such as pressure and temperature during polymerization, can be obtained with different densities of resin, so there are high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. In the processing of different types of PE pipes, according to the different application conditions, the selection of resin grade is different, and the requirements of extruder and die are also different. In our country, there is no classification of specialized material for polyethylene pipe, which makes it difficult for domestic polyethylene gas pipe and water pipe manufacturers to choose raw material, also poses no minor danger for the use of polyethylene pipe.

Product Features:

1, excellent sanitation performance: PE pipe processing without adding heavy metal salt stabilizer, the material is non-toxic, no scaling layer, no bacteria breeding, a excellent solution to the urban drinking water secondary pollution.

2, excellent corrosion resistance: in addition to a few strong oxidants, can resist the erosion of a variety of chemical media; ​no electrochemical corrosion.

3. ​Lengthy service life: under rated temperature and pressure conditions, PE pipeline can be safely used for more than 50 years.

4, excellent impact resistance: PE pipe toughness, extreme impact strength, heavy objects directly pressed through the pipeline, will not lead to pipeline rupture.

5, reliable connection performance: the strength of PE pipe hot melt or electric melt interface is higher than the body of the pipe, the joint will not be disconnected due to the action of soil movement or live load.

6, excellent construction performance: light pipe, simple welding process, convenient construction, low comprehensive engineering cost.

Connection of pipeline:

7, electric hot melt: the use of special electric hot melt welding machine will be straight pipe and straight pipe, straight pipe and pipe fittings connected. ​Usually used for less than 160mm pipe.

8, hot melt butt connection: the use of special butt welding machine pipe connection, typically used for more than 160mm pipe.

9. Steel-plastic connection: flange, thread and wire connection can be used.

10, in order to facilitate the construction and ensure the quality of construction, should also prepare the corresponding tools.

The difference between MPP and PE tubes
1, the former modified polypropylene as the main raw material, easy to use, reduce the damage to the road surface, a wide range of application. It has excellent insulation performance, great temperature resistance, strong compression performance, light weight, convenient construction, smooth inner and outer walls, tiny friction, long service life, excellent performance.

2. MPP power pipe is modified with PP raw materials. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, external pressure resistance, excellent insulation performance and so on.

3, the latter with PVC-C resin as the master material, the product has high strength, excellent flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, excellent insulation performance, no pollution, not easy to age, light weight, convenient construction and other characteristics. Main application scope: urban power grid construction and transformation; ​urban municipal renovation projects; ​civil aviation airport engineering construction; ​construction of engineering parks and communities; ​traffic, road and bridge construction city street cable laying, and play a guiding and protective role.

4. The pipes produced by MPP material can work for up to 50 years at the external temperature of -5℃-70℃, with a series of advantages such as high strength, excellent moisture resistance, easy cable threading, simple construction and cost saving. The pipe made of PVC material is brittle, and the bending modulus and tension of the material are tiny.

5. In terms of cost, CPVC power tube material costs considerably less than MPP material. Because some of the power pipeline manufacturers will choose materials because of customers’ requirements on product quality.

How to distinguish MPP pipe from PE pipe
1. Sound discrimination

Those familiar with the two kinds of pipes can also be identified by tapping the pipes and tapping sound. The MPP trenchless power pipe has a clear and clear sound due to its rigidity.

2. Different cutting surfaces

MPP power pipe has the characteristics of extreme temperature resistance. power pipe manufacturers will not decompose when cutting, cutting surface is smooth and smooth; PE tube can not withstand elevated temperature, when cutting softening decomposition, cutting surface rough.

3. Different uses

MPP pipe is a buried threading pipe, PE pipe is a water supply, irrigation, etc.

4. High temperature resistance

MPP pipe has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, the pipe is rigid; ​because PE pipe can not withstand extreme temperature, the material is thermoplastic, normally in the construction site it is extremely excellent to distinguish.

5. Color

MPP tubes are normally orange; ​the common PE tube is usually black or white.

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