A large number of craters have been found on the surface of the moon, which NASA says could be the site for a future lunar base

The moon, 380, 000 kilometers away, has long been considered by astronomers to be the best springboard for humans to travel to the depths of the solar system.

So humans as early as in 1969 completed the first manned moon landing, the last Apollo moon landing program by 1972, a total of 12 astronauts to land on the moon, flying in the ointment was the technical level is limited, the astronauts cannot take root on the moon landing on the moon, only to collect samples and then return to the earth to the moon.

In the 21st century, with the maturity of scientific experiments in low-earth orbit and the maturity of the space station, human beings began to turn their attention to the moon, which is 380,000 kilometers away. A series of new technologies have also made the manned lunar landing in the 21st century have a more substantive goal, that is, to establish a scientific research base on the moon 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

At NASA's vision, by the middle of the century on the moon will appear some considerable size of the scientific research base, which is basically the main body of the lunar lander, lunar resources use local materials and reuse scope expanding base, eventually forming a set of life and scientific research in a body's comprehensive facilities, and will also establish a normalized round-trip flights to the moon.

ac58beabc6fb23044b50d23b687c1466But recent discoveries may change the layout.​

Or NASA's news, the lunar reconnaissance orbiter has found many craters on the moon structure, and it also happens to catch up with the hole is the sun was shining, so NASA won many holes in the bottom of the image and temperature data, studies have shown that these known collectively as the structure of the surface hole, many are quietly connected into network structure in underground, And the temperature inside the pit stays between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius for a long time.

Compared to 127 degrees Celsius during the day, the moon night minus 173 degrees Celsius, added up to nearly 300 degrees of temperature difference, the lunar craters obviously is an excellent activity places, lived in pit demand for building materials also do not need too high, only a few tens of meters and the average depth of pits, in the only equivalent to one 6 of the gravity on the moon, All it takes is a simple stereo maneuver to move back and forth between the crater and the lunar surface.

The most important thing is

Seismic monitoring devices placed on the moon's surface during the Apollo moon landings have shown that seismic waves bounce back many times after each earthquake, leading some scientists to speculate that the moon's interior may be hollow, or at least have several large cavities left over from its formation 4.5 billion years ago.

But due to the moon and didn't have a bit later, and it is also impossible to drill through the moon, so the mystery of the moon's interior cavity has not been resolved. The lunar reconnaissance orbiter discovered more than 200 holes on the surface of the moon, and several underground connected craters on the moon are expected to help scientists understand the moon's interior.

Now the moon, the sea of tranquility, is the most typical hole. The size of a football field, a depth of 100 meters. The sun was shining when taken photo shows there is mainly gravel at the bottom of the hole structure. It is not clear how thick the bottom soil is, but with only comfortable temperature indicators, the lunar craters have very high value.

It's not just the moon that has craters.​

On more distant Mars, astronomers have also found several underground caves, and because of the ice caps at the Martian poles, these caves are likely to hold liquid water, so NASA's plans for building a Mars base include the option to go underground and build a Mars base.

The existence of both lunar craters and Martian craters, which all represent the planet in the distant past happened intense geological activity, these empty also determines their various parameters than the planet surface environment is superior, at least not the surface temperature difference between the size, by cosmic radiation may also be reduced a lot, and considering the existence of dust storms on Mars, Underground cave bases are significantly more survivable than surface sites.


As the only way for human civilization to develop the solar system in the future, whether it is the moon or Mars, there will be a large number of human landing and construction in the future. It can be said that these two planets are the new continent and the highland of human civilization in the future. Whoever lands and develops these two planets first will have the initiative in the future space age.

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