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  1. Answer HellonShenzhen’s largest Outlets in the South China Logistics Park in the Shenzhen Logistics Park in the Longhua New Area Minshamn Road. The original meaning of “Outlets” is “exporting, out of the way, and exporting”. It is a “brand direct selling shopping center”. Outlet was first born in the United States and has a history of nearly 100 years. The earliest “factory direct sales stores” specifically handled the factory end goods. Later, gradually gathered, slowly forming a shopping mall, and gradually developing into an independent retail format. Although this format has a history of 100 years in the United States, the real scale has begun from around 1970.nQuestion how to sit on the subway from Shekou to No. 8 OutletnHow to sit on the subway from Shekou to No. 8 Cang OutletnAnswer 1. From five and walking about 160 meters, reaching Four Seasons Huacheng Station 2. Take the M374 Road, pass 4 stops, reach South China Logistics Station 3, approximately 480 meters walk, reach Cang 8 Outlet No. 8, Outlet, No. 8nQuestion how to sit on the subway from Shekou from Nanshan District to No. 8 Cang OutletnHow to sit on the subway from the Shekou in Nanshan District to the 8th of Cang OutletnAnswer Xiangmi Station by Metro Snakekou (Line 2) (take 4 stops) to the subway Futian Station and transfer to the Metro Longgang Line (Line 3) (sitting at 24 stations) to the entrance and exit of Metro Longcheng Plaza Station. Walk about 730 meters to the warehouse 8n6 morenBleak

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