1. Dolores

    1. Women's hands with three % off wallets
    women love beauty and love bags. A practical bag can not only add points for women's dressing, but also load the change of money shopping cards for my wife who often shopping and buying vegetables. Essence Men who are considerate of his wife will give his wife a bag.

    2, moisturizing steamed face water supplement meter
    women who marry not only work pressure, but also responsible for the old and young diet, The skin has become nothing before. Moisturizing and moisturizing is very effective for delaying skin aging. Nine women and nine lacks of water. She will like to send a hydrating meter to her wife.

    3, creative LED table lamp makeup mirror
    everyone wants to go out to see people every day Take a lot of time to dress up. You can send his wife a LED table lamp makeup mirror with a light source to help her better makeup and save time.

    4, engraving charging treasure
    now the function of the mobile phone is too powerful. This Meng Meng Da large -capacity charging treasure can also be engraved with personality. She can be given to her wife to charging emergency, allowing her to keep in touch with her family at all times.

    5, eye massage device eye protection meter
    The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the eyes are tired. Especially women who work in the office or often facing mobile phones need a eye massage instrument to soothe the fatigue of the eyes, massage and relax the eye muscles, and every day.

  2. Kim

    1. Teddy Bear Rose Bouquet

    The moisturizing love is indispensable for flowers. Occasionally a bouquet of roses in daily life can bring freshness to the two A box of cute teddy bear dolls romantic roses, cute and romantic, absolutely her heart.

    2, singing and sending blessings

    Then a song at "Tiangong Wishes" as a gift for your girlfriend. The way to sing and send blessings is now more popular. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu to search for it. The practice of this platform is to play a song you specified to sing by calling the other person through calling, and then convey what you want to say to the other party. And it will be recorded to you to see the whole process.

    3, luxurious diamond bracelet list

    girls' slender and white hands wearing this diamond bracelet watch ∞ is particularly beautiful, it is the most beautiful decorative gift between women's wrists, wearing It is more fashionable and elegant for girls.

    4, heart -shaped crystal music box

    Mathers hope that their love is pure without any flaws, there is no routine, and they are honest with each other. Crystal is such a gift, pure and romantic, and can also carve patterns and text. The heart -shaped design is also very suitable for girlfriends to give birthdays.

    5, Creative photo pillow customization

    I asked which girl will not need to pillow, hold one to watch TV, hold one to sleep, and even hold one when you are sad. Customize a pillow that prints your couple photos and give her the warmest companionship, so that she can embrace your love at any time.

  3. Matthew

    Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Watch 2. Photo collection three, one trip four, a new mobile phone five, necklace six, skin care products 7, new shoes eight, book nine, one bouquet of flowers, one laptop computernI think these are enoughnThere are also engagement ringsnWedding ringna carnA pet she likesnhousenA gardennIs there enough? [Smile] [Smile] [OK]nHello, I am very concerned about your last consultation and consultation. I want to know this return visit this time. Is there any solution for your problem? Is my mood okay recently? If there is a problem, I will wait for you to serve you at any time. I wish you a happy life and happiness!nMore 8nBleak

  4. Randy

    Make -up mirrors can be said to make female friends an indispensable daily necessities, sending smart makeup mirrors can make girlfriends have more delicate makeup

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