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  1. Alicia

    NO.1 U -shaped massage pillow

    Many people have the habit of taking a nap. Even if you rest in a short period of lunch at work, you will sleep for a noon. Pillow. The U -type massage pillow can massage and neck. It is too comfortable to be a nap as a nap. It will definitely like it to colleagues.

    NO.2 car keychain
    Now many office workers have cars. What about the keychain with a personality. This keychain that can customize the name of colleagues and license plates is very creative, and it is very practical to give customers.

    NO. Pen Ink Gift Box
    The pen is also a very high -end workplace gift. If your colleagues need to use a pen at work, you can consider sending one of the pens and ink gift boxes. One step In place, colleagues will always remember your good use of your pen.

    NO.4 Vehicle Air Purifier
    If your colleague has a car, you can send him a car air purifier. A air purifier can improve his air in his car, and driving every day is full of energy.

    NO.5 Hundreds of family lighters
    It the lighter seems to be ordinary, but it is a small thing that many men like. There are a lot of trouble. This lighter can customize the surname of colleagues, and it is very creative for smoking colleagues.

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