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  1. Philip

    Let me tell you my experience. In fact, Denmark's more famous souvenirs are silverware, the other is porcelain, and both are expensive.

    It if you buy porcelain, you can take the subway to the FRES station at Copenhagen. After leaving the station, you will see a large chimney. That big chimney is a famous porcelain shop head store.
    It, I suggest that the landlord can consider the souvenirs in the Hamlet Castle Gift Store and the souvenir in the Galegae Gift Store, which is also a local characteristic. If you don't think it is enough, Danish furniture, interior decorations, and handicrafts are good choices. The following is the introduction of Danish specialty souvenirs. You can also buy some properly.
    This, glass products, silver products, amber
    Royal Copenhagen is a famous ceramic manufacturer with a history of 225 years; the famous manufacturers of silver products are George Jehnn; Meg; Denmark produced amber, and amber operating amber's franchise stores spread all over Copenhagen.
    Furniture and interior decorations
    Denmark is the kingdom of designers. Shopping in Copenhagen can definitely buy unique design, stylish and elegant, elegant and practical indoor decorations. Ilms Borihus is the royal royal decoration department store, where the types of furniture, kitchen supplies, and food are rich. The characteristic humanized design and high -engine products are unreasonable.
    Copim Hamagen's fashion conveys European fashion information in a timely manner. Here are many high -end fur fashion and brand -name leather products. ECCO is the famous Danish royal royal shoe brand.
    The antique collection
    In Copenhagen, the Nordic -style sample furniture, Royal Copenhagen and George Jehnn high -quality collections. According to different seasons, the flea market is held near the Israeli Plaza and Frederixburg. If the opening of the flea market during the tour, it will make you gain a lot.
    mart art
    Denmark's unique handmade embroidery and its products are also famous. There are many specialty shops that sell embroidery materials and tools here

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