1. Meredith

    No. 194 Liuhua Hotel, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market (020) 866668428
    Zhujiang New Town Jinsui Road No. 30 Lijing Pearl Jinlai Pavilion 701 Guangzhou Japanese and Korean clothing wholesale store (020) 33874866
    Municipal Shisanxing No. 1 New China Building Yaosheng Clothing Wholesale Market
    In Guangzhou, Longtan Wannian East Street, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Laika Clothing Wholesale Network (020) 34330335
    Clothing Wholesale Center (020) 62696866
    The Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market (020) 86699083
    Wave Clothing wholesale, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou One of the No. 1 of Luanquan Road Donghe Clothing Wholesale City (020) 37396412
    This 197 Jindu Clothing Wholesale City, Guangzhou Station
    38#New 8 Building 103 Chinese soldiers, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Military clothing wholesale Guangzhou specialty store (020) 61308256, (020) 87021051
    n166 new star clothing wholesale shopping malls in front of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
    The Tianma Clothing Wholesale Center (020) 86229990
    In Guangdong, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Golden Elephant Clothing Wholesale Center (020) 86675838
    District Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Plaza
    The Shatong Faculture International Clothing Wholesale City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
    143 Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Plaza 10th Street 6 ... Binbin Clothing Approval
    The No. 10 Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Plaza No. 10th Street, No. 143, No. 143, Xianlie East Road, Guangzhou City (020) 87646279
    252 Xiangsheng Clothing Wholesale Store (020) 84344970
    In Guangzhou Nanan Road, No. 25, Nanan Road, Incomitutional Clothing Wholesale Department
    200 Huahua Clothing Wholesale Market, No. 194 West Road West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City ... Andeli Clothing Wholesale Department
    020) 87749446
    Irdies, Guangzhou No. 86 Jiajia Clothing Wholesale City Field (020) 81870138
    The 2nd floor of the 2198A Profitable Profitable Profile Wholesale Department (020) 86672413

  2. Neil

    There is a professional Guangdong underwear wholesale market in front of the station, which is obliquely opposite to the New Dadi Hotel.

  3. Josefina

    Guangzhou Baima Red Cotton Thirteen Elements Clothing Market,
    If supply channels need to be created hard. It is not necessary to wait. It is recommended to understand the market first. If you are satisfied, please ask for a place where you do n’t understand. Essence Essence

  4. Benjamin

    If you have no experience in doing clothing business at all, you feel that you are not fully prepared. It is more appropriate to learn first. If you can find experienced people (Weixin; 933308), it is not the same.

  5. Candice

    Brand clothing discount store franchise operation skills
    1. Choose the location of the store, and the location will directly affect the turnover! According to the characteristics of the brand clothing discount store, choosing suitable location on sales will have a vital impact on sales will have a vital impact on sales. , But it is better to understand whether there are more people. The better, the better the population structure and the characteristics of the business district are analyzed first. If you have the conditions and the ability to make a detailed market evaluation report, or choose a product based on the market, choose a product to choose a product according to the market. Or choose the right market according to the product!
    2. To do a good job of store decoration and lighting effects, the overall decoration of the store should be simple and atmospheric, and can also choose to create a suitable atmosphere according to the characteristics of selling clothing, so as to stimulate consumers' intention. The advertisement at the door should be eye -catching, and the people passing by can be clearly seen to know what the store sells in the store!
    3. Choose a good partner manufacturer and open brand clothing discount stores to make money. The important thing is to put it. Customer service is good, as much as possible to provide customers with a variety of clothing, and give customers enough room for choice. In addition, the product display must also work hard. The tops, skirts, pants, suits, etc. are displayed separately. In addition to the stores, it also provides convenience for customers who are purchased. apparel.
    4. Operating publicity and promotion, whether the store business can be done well depends on whether you will operate, you must do basic services first, and continue to provide consumers with appropriate clothing. Treat people sincerely, talk about credit, and the transaction will naturally be born; in addition, the store should do a certain publicity to do a certain amount of publicity, and slowly increase the customer volume and customer transaction volume.

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